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First Pier is a Full Service E-Commerce Agency based in Maine. They partner with brands and boutiques to build high-performance e-commerce businesses.

We’ve been thrilled to see First Pier’s site authority grow and their rankings improve since we started working with them in October 2021.

”HARO SEO built links for us from sites including (DR90) and (DR91), and continue to deliver incredible value, month after month.
— Steve Pogson


10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

“With each coming year, digital marketing gets more complicated. In addition to fundamentals like SEO, PPC, branding, and UX, marketers now have to juggle emerging social channels and evolving regulations, along with content, automation, and personalization, to name a few.”


Entrepreneurs Share the Best Business Advice They’ve Received
“Entrepreneurs are among the best sources of great advice, but they were once on the receiving end of these words of wisdom.”


7 Chatbot Trends to Keep on Your Radar for 2022
“It’s difficult to forecast what technology will be able to do in the near future. We’re currently in the digital transformation era — a period of time that has brought significant and rapid growth and change. The turn of the century alone brought significant technological advances. Just a short while ago, social media, 3G, and electric cars didn’t exist.”


Audiense Resources | DR76

8 best practices to grow your Twitter community
“In the first part of our “Tactics to Grow Your Twitter Following” guide, we shared five essential tips to help you grow your Twitter community. Consistent tweeting, regular engagement, and optimized Twitter profiles play a central role in gaining a footing. To further solidify your position in the Twitter verse, the second part of this guide will provide effective best practices you should follow based on suggestions from 100+ experts.”


Rasmussen University


What Is Influencer Marketing? An Introduction to This Hot Marketing Niche
“Scrolling through your phone’s feed is practically an unconscious habit. While waiting in line, eating a meal, even lying in bed—living online has become the new normal. When having a portable, pocket-sized computer on hand 24/7 became achievable, the natural next step was for marketers to find ways to sell products and services in this digital space.”


Experts’ Predictions for the Future of Tech in 2022
“Here are the top ten tech predictions for the new year and beyond, from experts across a vast range of industries. The year 2022 may be arriving for the first time in history, but past prognosticators have already delivered the definitive pop culture version of it nearly fifty years ago with the 1973 science fiction film Soylent Green.”


Ivy Exec | DR64

8 Great Resignation Myths That Leaders Should Ignore
“You’ve seen the headlines. The Great Resignation has, since the spring of 2021 and its signaling of widespread COVID vaccine access, marked a wave of historic employee turnover. And it’s not over yet. With one in four employees having voluntarily left a job in 2021 already, there’s reason to think this ratio will increase even further before year’s end.”


Nectar | DR52

13 Actionable Ways to Improve Employee Loyalty in 2022
“What does employee loyalty mean to you? Does it mean people not selling trade secrets? Or employees speaking positively about your company? Or turning down offers from your competitors? Employee loyalty is a strange quality— it’s obvious when it exists, evident when it’s lacking, and elusive when it’s neither here nor there.”


Kameleoon | DR75

How to do Wix A/B testing for your online store
“Wix is an easy-to-use website builder that helps businesses launch and run websites with no technical requirements or developers. The platform also includes basic A/B testing functionality with its “test site” feature. But while Wix’s built-in A/B testing allows businesses and online stores get started with experimentation, it’s simplicity and lack of advanced measurement, targeting and segmentation features prevents teams from scaling their testing program.”


UpCity | DR83

Video Marketing Study: 56% Of Companies Are Implementing Video Marketing In 2022
“The COVID-19 Pandemic has played havoc with many of our predictions and anticipated marketing trends for the last two years. One trend in content marketing and consumption that has held and in fact become more pronounced is the consumption of video content across social media platforms and other online outlets. As we’ve watched this trend evolve throughout 2021 and into 2022.”


GatherContent| DR77

How to run an effective website migration
“Website migration is often a necessary evil for many organizations and e-commerce sites. Much like moving house or undertaking serious renovations on your own, migrating a site is hard, high-stakes work. If poorly executed, major changes to your site’s location or architecture can spell problems for your domain ranking and traffic. We’ll walk you through what website migration entails, share some common mistakes to avoid, and highlight some best practices from SEO experts.”


Fairygodboss| DR77

8 Signs Your Job Has Become Your Identity — And What to Do About It
“One of the quickest paths to burnout is allowing your career to consume your identity. But as someone who genuinely takes pride in their work — and who also exists in a society that tells us our worth is defined by What We Do — it can feel difficult, if not at times impossible, to keep this from happening.” | DR76

How to Become a Better Manager: Experts Share 5 Simple Tips
“Becoming a manager is a big step in your professional career. While it’s certainly exciting to advance, there’s also much to learn about leading a team—and that’s true whether you’re just starting out in a management role or have years of experience. People are complex, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to becoming an excellent leader.”


WPX Blog | DR82

22 Vital SEO Tips from the Experts for 2022
“By Georgi Todorov founder of ThriveMyWay, a place for online entrepreneurs, bloggers, SEO specialists, and freelancers to find success in their own way. Being on the first page of Google is vital for website traffic. Three out of every four searchers will never look past the first page on a search engine. Therefore, ranking on the first page through excellent SEO practices is just as important today as it has ever been. The problem is that Google does a small algorithm change at least once a day.”


Encharge | DR69

38 Best HubSpot Integrations by Use Case
“As of July 2020, HubSpot boasts over 500 apps in its marketplace ecosystem. Today that number is probably twice as high. HubSpot has become so ubiquitous in the sales and marketing world that almost every single tool out there integrates with it. With an ocean of integrations available, it would be tough to choose the right tool. Of course, you won’t aimlessly surf the HubSpot marketplace for cool applications (unless you are an app connoisseur with a lot of free time on your hands).” | DR43

Public Relations Hacks Benefits Of Using a Newswire to Distribute Your Press Release

“We raised this question with our PR and growth experts to help entrepreneurs better understand the benefits for publicizing their press releases. Learn how newswire distribution differs from media pitching and which newswire services our experts recommend here.”


SEOptimer | DR76

Best Digital Marketing Conferences for Agencies
“Now that Digital Marketing Conferences are back IRL, it’s time to dust off your networking skills and head out to some of the most anticipated conferences and expos in 2022. We’ve curated this list based on recommendations from digital agency founders in the United States so it’s specifically relevant to others running digital agencies, working in digital agencies or planning to one day run their own digital agency.”


Reworked | DR67

What's the Right Amount of Employee Attrition in the Great Resignation?
“Many employees no longer feel shackled to a particular job because of the flexibility now given to them by remote work. And with the Great Resignation still going strong, many companies are walking back their requirement to return to the office in order to avoid losing talented people.”


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