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Below you’ll find a range of links we’ve built for clients in niches including real estate, home renovation, e-commerce, marketing, analytics, social media and more.

We’ve intentionally shown a diverse mix of links ranging from DR50 to DR90+, because this is a realistic snapshot of what you’ll get when you work with us.

To view more than 100 links we’ve built in the last couple of months, please contact our team. We’ll be happy to supply you with a more detailed list, so you know exactly what we can do for your brand.


Go Banking Rates | DR80

How To Save Money on a Last-Minute Summer Getaway

“After taking more than a year off from vacationing, it seemed pretty appealing to travel again. But then, life got in the way, the news got scarier, and you figured it wasn’t going to happen this year. Now, you’re at a critical point where you’re ready to go absolutely anywhere for a couple days this summer — provided the money makes sense.” | DR91

The Inside Scoop on 8 Cozy Homes From Your Favorite Holiday Movies
“Ah, Christmas, that magical time of the year when we gather with family, reflect on the year’s blessings, and binge on holiday movies. Yuletide flicks can be sentimental, hilarious, outrageous, or even disturbing (we’re looking at you, “Silent Night, Deadly Night”), but they almost all have one crucial thing in common besides the holiday itself: fabulous real estate.”


Rasmussen University | DR76

What Is Influencer Marketing? An Introduction to This Hot Marketing Niche
“Scrolling through your phone’s feed is practically an unconscious habit. While waiting in line, eating a meal, even lying in bed—living online has become the new normal. When having a portable, pocket-sized computer on hand 24/7 became achievable, the natural next step was for marketers to find ways to sell products and services in this digital space.”


CMS Wire | DR84

4 Tips for Balancing Customer Experience and Fraud Prevention
“Customers want fast, efficient interactions when transacting with companies, but they also want to ensure their identities, payment card numbers and account information are guarded, protections that can sometimes delay and complicate CX. Maintaining the balance between customer experience and cybersecurity is tricky proposition.”


Better Homes & Gardens | DR87

6 Low-Cost Updates to Make Your Kitchen Wheelchair Accessible
“With all the advancements in-home technology designed to make people's lives easier, there is one area that is still severely lacking: Not enough homes are designed for people with disabilities. A 2020 Apartment List analysis on accessibility and the housing market reports that while 15% (15.2 million) of households in the U.S. house someone with a physical disability.” | DR86

Will Staging an Office or Nursery Make Your Family Home More Likely To Sell?
“Staging your family home can make it more marketable to potential buyers—but which should you stage, a nursery or a home office? Here's what experts have to say. If you're putting your family's home on the market, staging a part of your home can make it sell faster. While the housing market is currently hot and favors sellers.” | DR81

7 Chatbot Trends to Keep on Your Radar for 2022
“It’s difficult to forecast what technology will be able to do in the near future. We’re currently in the digital transformation era — a period of time that has brought significant and rapid growth and change. The turn of the century alone brought significant technological advances. Just a short while ago, social media, 3G, and electric cars didn’t exist.”


Social Shepherd | DR51

7 Innovative Video Marketing Trends for 2022 & Beyond
“What's the best content to create to reach your target audience? If you're like most content marketers, your bet is on long-form blog posts. Sure, it's still a popular choice for marketers and consumers. But it's not the only heavyweight in town. For years, blogs were the "king" of content.” | DR65

18 Visual Content Creation Tools To Try
“In a Nectafy team meeting the other day, we talked about ways to add more visuals and graphics to our blog. Our articles often come out too text-heavy, and we don’t have a good process for creating easy helpful graphics. So we came up with an idea: Let’s ask other people which content creation tools they use to improve the visual appeal of their content.” | DR89

8 Types of Recurring Revenue Models & How to Make Them Work For Your Agency
“The recurring revenue model is a surefire way for you to create lasting relationships with clients, and earn their loyalty. It also ensures a steady and predictable stream of revenue for your business in uncertain times. When an agency uses a recurring revenue model, it not only enables itself to budget its expenses in advance, but also allows for planned growth and expansion.” | DR81

Experts’ Predictions for the Future of Tech in 2022
“Here are the top ten tech predictions for the new year and beyond, from experts across a vast range of industries. The year 2022 may be arriving for the first time in history, but past prognosticators have already delivered the definitive pop culture version of it nearly fifty years ago with the 1973 science fiction film Soylent Green.” | DR59

A Guide to Networking: Making the most of your Mingling
At Online Optimism, we strive to embody our core values every day, one of which being that screens will not replace handshakes. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has led to constant shifts in how we interact, networking best practices have remained unaffected. They say your network is your net worth, so Online Optimism has created a guide to ensure the next time you swap business cards.” | DR87

Painting Your Appliances Can Impact Your Warranty—3 Things to Know Before You Start
Painting your appliance can nullify its warranty and cost you more money in repairs down the line. Here are some points to consider before grabbing the paint brush, according to experts.” | DR79

What is Email Marketing? | Everything You Need to Know in 2022
With modern-day digital marketing strategies aplenty, there are tons of ways to use the internet to put your business front and center. One method, in particular, remains just as important today as it was when it was created, way back in 1971: email marketing.” | DR63

Using Plugins are Beneficial for an eCommerce Store?
Plugins are essential for any eCommerce website as these plugins improve the features, functionalities, and overall appearance of the eCommerce store. You can add many features and functionalities to your store with these eCommerce plugins. You can offer a superior user experience with plugins.” | DR47

How To Optimize SaaS Sign Up Flow To Increase Conversions
Sign-up flows are the first encounter your potential customers have with your product. Keeping aside the fact that first impressions are crucial, it makes a lot of sense to make your sign-up flow as frictionless as possible, for a better user experience.” | DR79

9 Vital Small Business Financial Reports for Your Organization
If you manage a small business, you know how hard it can be to keep track of your finances. You only have so many resources to dedicate to your financial reporting, so you want to make them count. More than half of the small business professionals we surveyed about their financial habits told us they use just one financial report.” | DR64

8 Tactics for Company Leaders to Survive the Great Resignation
A record 4 million Americans quit their jobs. In the months following, droves more workers have continued to voluntarily resign, including another 3.9 million in June. And there’s reason to think this trend will continue; research from Microsoft indicates that as many as 40% of workers are considering leaving their employer by year’s end.” | DR57

Churn Analysis: 7 Tips To Improve & Win Back Lost Users
Churn analysis helps you win back customers while simultaneously improving your product. But knowing what areas to focus on specifically so you can swoop in just in time and keep these users for life? Yeah, now that’s a challenge.” | DR51

The 10 Key Differences Between a Boss and a Leader
Anyone in a position of power can be a boss, but not every boss knows how to be a leader. When a boss is a good leader, employees feel it and are better equipped and motivated to reach their full potential.” | DR87

28 Digital Marketing Experts Share the Most Important Things to Understand about Calculating and Improving Conversion Rate
Conversion rates are an essential performance metric for many businesses. There are many factors that can contribute to your conversion rates, such as your landing page design or popup design, your copy, and the number of fields on a signup form.” | DR39

Proven ways for creating a winning supplier negotiation strategy
Small businesses often lack deep pockets and don’t have the resources a corporation has, but what they have is the dedication of the owner to get the best solution for everything. Hence, one of the most important characteristics a successful small business owner has is a never-ending improvement.” | DR58

How Successful Brands with Small Communities Use Instagram for Businesses
Instagram is a powerful platform for brands of all sizes. It’s becoming more common to hear stories about businesses or influencers with millions of followers becoming Instagram Famous. Can you building a thriving brand on Instagram even with a small community?” | DR71

Unhappy in Your Home? Skip Real Estate Shows Like “Selling Sunset”
The Netflix hit reality real estate show “Selling Sunset” recently returned with its fourth season, and its luxury home listings are almost as engrossing as the interpersonal drama. Five-bedroom, seven-bathroom homes with interior waterfalls and sweeping views of Los Angeles are enough to make any homeowner, or homebuyer, feel inferior.” | DR45

17 Financial Tips for New Parents
A new baby is exciting, delightful, tiring, and challenging all at the same time. A new baby also marks a major financial transition, especially if it’s your first. A family presents new challenges in both the short and the long term. These financial tips for new parents should give you a head start.” | DR72

The Complete Guide for Deerproofing Your Landscape
Look, if you put as much time and money into your landscape as I do. The last thing you want to have happen is to see your investment fall captive to a herd of roaming deer. Get this, even so-called “deer-resistant” plants are not off the table when starving deer are looking for something to nibble.” | DR79

Sell to Different Personality Types
You’ve done your research, you’ve scoured ESP and compared products, and now you’re sure you have the perfect product in mind for a sales prospect. But if you don’t nurture and sell to them with their buying personality in mind, you could end up losing the sale.” | DR89

Miro vs Mural: Why Agencies Choose One Over The Other
Agencies strive hard everyday to streamline their processes for smoother and faster workflows. They seek innovative ways to digitally plan and strategize to achieve impact for their clients as well as for their own people. That means smoother ways to collaborate with teams and clients.”